Living with OCD #1

I was around twelve then. It was the time when my body was undergoing several hormonal changes; the time when I first started mensurating. Everyone thought ,that perhaps, the reason of my stress is a natural thing. And why wouldn’t they think so?Most of the girls feel traumatized when they first start bleeding, you see. … More Living with OCD #1

Loud Love

Their love wasn’t a slave of speech, Not a prisoner of a few shallow words. Yes, it was deep, Deep like an unfathomable sea. The more one tried to comprehend it, More were the chances of drowning, Deeper and deeper into it.   Silence was its beauty, It was like the solace one draws , … More Loud Love

A long longing 

​And there she was Lying cold Longing to be loved by Her lover Her body yearning for his caresses Her lips for his warm kisses Her ears for the rhythm of his heartbeats Her soul for the union with his soul She knew he has gone N will never come back She knew his soul … More A long longing 

Two Sides

Deep down in my heart, There’s a voice, Creating a havoc within me, Screaming,shouting,pursuading,pushing, Echoing in my ears, To wake up. Questioning me every single day, “What have you achieved from your fantasies?” Telling me each moment, To do something productive with my life, To search the purpose of my very existence, Reminding me again … More Two Sides